GIS based solutions are greatly in need to optimize operational efficiencies. Organizations are now acquiring generic GIS solutions to accomplish technical and business goals in a GIS environment. However, these solutions need to be customized accordingly with up to date data modeling and procedures for analysis.

At Reynex Software our expertise has allowed us to enter the GIS application development by providing extensive services in web-based and mobile based GIS solutions for data collections and geo-referencing while on the move. We also help organizations maintain accurate and up to date data in custom based GIS solutions to perform effective data modeling and analysis.

Our experts use industry standard programming and database technologies to help our client come up with an organization centric GIS application with scalability, reliability, security, backups and data integrity.

Our GIS application development services have provided us experience of working with different GIS based solutions integrating them with custom applications. Our capability has provided our clients with services including:

  • Development of desktop GIS extensions to core desktop GIS applications like TransCad, Maptitude and ArcGIS. These included the features of geographic editing, thematic mapping, market analysis, transportation planning and modeling and custom geographic reports.
  • Development of web based GIS applications using Google Maps, ArcGIS Servers, Microsoft Bing Maps, iQuery and other specialized ESRI servers. This service will also provide mash-ups to websites, validating data input, geo referencing, map creation, geo-coding, geo-tagging and selecting records by location.
  • Development of mobile based GIS application which allows navigation of maps, collecting of data, reporting and performing GIS analysis. These also allow accessing demographic and market facts about locations according to the desired criteria.

Reynex Software GIS based applications are developed by our highly qualified professionals fluent in using ArcObjects, Visual Studio, JavaScript, Oracle and SQL server capabilities necessary for understanding and implementing GIS applications.