Customer Relationship Management Systems are now playing a vital role in the success of businesses. Reynex Software professionals understand the challenging business environment and its demands for focusing on the most valuable assets – the customers. Businesses are not only looking for customers to fill their needs but they are looking for ways to retain their customers turning their purchases into loyalty.

For Reynex Software CRM development services has provided our clients with not only customer management efficiently but has also provided solutions to a wide range of customer care. Our knowledge and expertise in CRM programming and integration is backed by experience in different business industries and understanding their strategies. Our process for developing the most effective CRM applications requires a deep study of your business process to come up with solution that is tailored to your business and customer needs. We focus on your customers and your business process to integrate effective communication and services crucial to customer management.

Our CRM capabilities focus on three aspects of application:

  • Operational CRM: focusing on front end support to marketing, sales and operations.
  • Collaborative CRM: focusing on direct communication with customers.
  • Analytical CRM: focusing on investigating customer data with functionality and perspective.

These aspects call for a list of CRM application attributes that every CRM should be able to provide

  • Lead Generation
  • Follow Up Tracking
  • Quote/Invoice Generation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Remote/Mobile Access
  • Insights to geographic territories & forecasts
  • Automated responses
  • Strong Multichannel support
  • Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Management
  • Flexibility & Customization