Keeping a paper-less environment is essential to keeping control of records and accessing them easily whenever required. Reynex Software can help you create an integrated program for you business records providing complete visibility and access to accelerate your processes. Our services are targeted towards document capturing, electronic transmission, instantaneous retrieval and processing as well as focusing on enabling your business achieves optimal ROI.

We understand that information either in paper form or electronic form is crucial to the business. While transitioning towards process automation and integration we do not compromise security of information and make sure the access to crucial data stays within limits. Our experts can help you organize your information in a secure environment while providing the complete facility of an effective document management solution.

Our experience with data processing and management has enabled us to provide the following solutions in document management.

  • Document Image Processing: a cost-effective and intelligent way to scan paper data to electronic records minimizing logistics and expenses and increasing ROI. This provides a secure, controlled and complied management system for documents.
  • Data Management: creating high speed and high capacity repository for storing documents and records with fast and reliable access whenever needed. This helps in the ability to create, search, extract and manage data and records efficiently.
  • Document Workflow Management: improving operations through data flows will reduce processing times and provide cost savings. Workflow management for documents provides instant reporting and analysis of records as well as reviewing facilities.

Through efficient and effective document management solutions our customers gain the following benefits.

  • Instant retrieval and sharing of information across different locations
  • Storage in central locations eliminating need for multiple copies
  • Reducing administrative tasks with significant cost savings
  • Optimizing storage space for better utilization
  • Access to precise paperless office environment